Ensure continuity of PI system operation

With convenient access to the diagnostic data of the OSISoft PI platform and associated infrastructure.

PI Monitoring is a system for collecting, organizing and visualizing diagnostic data from infrastructure, PI system components and related business applications.

Modules and interactive dashboards that allow you to quickly detect problems with:

PI Infrastructure Monitoring

PI Data Archive

Interface monitoring

External applications

PI Monitoring answer to
questions like:


How many PI Tags are unused?


Which system component is not working properly?


Why is there missing data in the report?


When should hardware resources be increased?


Is the interface writing correct data into the system?


How many unauthorised attempts to log into the system occurred?


How many analyses are incorrectly configured?


Why has PI Data Archive response time increased?

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The system consists of four main areas

PI System

Acquisition and monitoring of diagnostic data from components and services of the PI system, including data quality and continuity of transmission to the PI system.

Monitoring of PI-related infrastructure

Acquisition and monitoring of diagnostic data from the server and network infrastructure.

Monitoring of PI-related applications

Acquisition and monitoring of diagnostic data of business applications such as reporting system, data warehouse (dedicated mechanisms created by CP).


Monitoring of connections to the system with a division into technologies and methods of authentication.

Diagnostics of all areas of system operation in one tool

The application is based on standard components and mechanisms of the PI system:



PI Vision

PI System Interfaces

Key information about system performance is sent automatically as reports.

Configured email notifications inform system administrators inform about threats to the proper functioning of the PI System's server infrastructure and services.

The notifications concern:

  • Information on the key performance and availability of the monitored servers.
  • Key parameters for PI System services, such as PI Data Archive, PI Collective, PI Asset Framework, PI WebAPI, and PI Vision.
  • Dedicated parameters available in extended version.

Notifications are fully parameterizable.
The administrator can change the boundary conditions that trigger notifications at any time.

Image 17

The product is available in a basic and extended version featuring customised features.

Basic version includes:


Configuration of diagnostic points


PI System Interface configuration


AF structure construction (full AF data model)


Preparation of PI Vision views


Alerts and notifications configuration


9990 Euro in one payment

The implementation of the basic version of the application includes collection of diagnostic data from the IT infrastructure and services of the OSIsoft PI System.

With this, we monitor:

  • About 90 key diagnostic parameters for each IT infrastructure server.

For OSIsoft PI System services depending on the configuration:

  • approximately 130 key diagnostic parameters (basic configuration),

  • more than 200 key diagnostic parameters (HA configuration).

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